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Optimal Course Of Action

Compute your optimal action plan. The output of optimization process shows the optimal balance-sheet composition and future actions for achieving desired business goals. The solution goes beyond predicting future outcomes by recommending the best ALM strategy to take advantage of all future opportunities and mitigating risks.

Management Goal Trade-offs

Define your management goals and priorities. Our analysis harmonises trade-offs between your conflicting business goals. Analyze how shifting priorities are reflected in business outcomes - before you take any action.

Powerful Scenario Analysis

Be prepared for unprecedented changes in the operating environment and prepare for diverse macroeconomic developments simultaneously. Manage future uncertainty with powerful scenario analysis.

Faster and smarter decisions

Automated decision processes increase the speed of your responses in today’s volatile markets. Update strategies within seconds and make faster fact-based decisions. Allow your managers and analysts to focus on data-driven decisions rather than guesswork.

Zero model building

Focus instantly on analyses and skip the need for complex modelling work or building extensive data science capabilities. Just plug in existing financial data, constraints and scenarios, and you are ready for analysis.

All-in-one tool

We help you solve complex financial problems with one seamless tool. All investment, funding and other measures are optimised simultaneously, without the need for separate systems.

Transparent analysis

Our analysis is transparent and straightforward, enabling you to easily gain insight into scenarios, outcomes and next steps.

Lightning fast analysis

Our powerful optimisation engine finds the optimal solution immediately. Change parameters and see changes in the outcome in seconds. No need to wait for long simulations to run while working

How does state-of-the-art optimization work?

We compute optimal ALM strategies in four steps.

What makes our technology UNIQUE?

Detech Optimizer is based on dynamic stochastic optimization. This science-based approach has been proven to deliver unmatched performance and versatility when dealing with highly complex financial management problems under uncertainty. Our tool combines mathematical modelling, optimization technology and data analytics with forward-looking scenario analysis.  

The tool computes multi-period strategies and action plans for managing the balance sheet under regulatory and internal policy constraints. These forward-looking dynamic readjustment policies lead to improved performance and efficient control of uncertainty, enabling companies to prepare for sudden changes in the operating environment.

All-in-one platform for strategic ALM

A single, seamless tool for an integrated treatment of risks, regulations and management goals

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Risks: Credit risk, interest rate risk, currency risk, equity risk, real estate risk, other investment risks, insurance risks, solvency risks and many more.

Regulations: Basel III, Solvency II & ORSA, as well as selected national regulatory frameworks.

Management goals: Profitability, solvency, liquidity, risk, dividends, market share, customer demand and other management policy issues.

Ready-made advanced analytics

Flexible, scalable, cost-effective & secure.

See integrated elements

Flexible: Completely modular solutions with fully customizable model features.

Fit for all sizes of customers without technological or organisational constraints.

Access advanced technology without the need for specialized technical skills.

Secure: Implementation via cloud, SaaS or on-premise service.

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